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"Your Inner Allies Are Always All-Wise"

Chakra Workshop – “The Personalities of the 7 Chakra Sisters”

Saturday, December 9, 2017  - 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (lunch - on your own)

Early Bird Registration by Nov 25 - $144

After Nov 25 - $162


                   Workshop Tuition includes

“The Seven Chakra Sisters” book and bookmark


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A brief overview of the Seven Chakra Sisters:




               Chakra Sister #1 "ANEEDA"- Root. Basic needs, food, shelter, family, belonging, foundation, connection to earth.


element- earth. Solidity.



               Chakra Sister #2 -"IVANNA" - Sacral. Wants. Desires. Emotions, sexuality, duality, relationships, enthusiasm center (also addictions).

element- water. Fluidity.



              Chakra Sister #3 - "AHAFTA" - Solar Plexus. Personal power. Center of motivation, achievement, self esteem, integrity.


element fire- Power.



              Chakra Sister #4 -"AHLUVYA" - Heart. Giving & receiving love without conditions. Openness. Ease with self and others.


element- air. Lightness of Being.



               Chakra Sister #5 - "SINGYA" Throat. Expression. Intuition. Listening and speaking one's Higher Truth.


element- sound. Vibration.



                 Chakra Sister #6 - "USEEME" Brow. Third Eye. Intellect. Vision. Inner Vision. Light and patterns. Knowledge. Sees all


 from a Higher Perspective.

element - light. Perception.



                Chakra Sister #7 - "IAMONE" Crown. Connection to Source. Spiritual wisdom. Unity/Oneness Consciousness. Self



element- thought. Consciousness.



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Did you know that each chakra has a corresponding psychological and emotional Life Lesson?


The 7 major chakras, or 'energy centers', are located at various points on the human body. These spinning 'vortices of energy' correspond with the endocrine system from the western world of physical science, and the spiritual holistic system from the eastern yogic philosophies and practices.


"Chakra" means 'spinning wheel of light'. Each chakra spins at a specific frequency that corresponds to our thoughts and emotions. When our life feels out of balance, it means that we may have too much or too little energy (dispersed or congested). Inner harmony is felt when the chakras are open and vibrating at optimal frequencies for healthy dynamics in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual 'bodies of light'.


Studying the energy psychology of the chakras and understanding their relationship with our health is the 'energy medicine' that will help guide us toward enlightened living.


When we consciously direct the flow of energy through us, we are empowered to take charge of our lives and to be the Master Directors of our own energy.


Our Chakra Studies courses, using The Seven Chakra Sisters system, will simplify an esoteric subject and will give you down-to-earth- spiritual tools to help you stay healthy in all areas of life. It is practical. It's fun....and it is effective.


Topics covered:


* Living in Your Authentic Power


* Understand how and why you internalize negative energy from others.


* What motivates you... or what stops you?


* Forgiveness and Compassion


* Personal Expression and Inner Harmony


* Emotional Intelligence


* Teamwork - Inner Dialogue


* Enlightenment, Oneness, and Unity Consciousness