Grandmother Tree

             Grandmother Tree is returning to Insight Out! Some of you might remember her from her past appearances, but if this is your first time meeting her we’d like to give you a little background on this amazing spiritual teacher.


             Years ago while I was walking through a park in my neighborhood, I discovered a magnificent old crone woman who lived ‘inside’ a massive 3 hundred year old tree. She had been patiently waiting for someone to finally notice her and I was that blessed person. We studied each other for a long while… she looking at me with a scraggly top knot of hair, one bulging bark eye, and a soft crooked-toothed smile… I looking up at her with all the emotional baggage I could carry in my sad eyes at the time.


                Over the years, Grandmother Tree and I developed a magical relationship. Her smile greeted me every day, no matter what problems I complained about or what fears and doubts weighed heavy on my heart.  She was my therapist, my healer, the great listener, the one who always offered encouragement and taught me that everything was as it should be in each moment. She gave me hope.


          I also learned from Grandmother Tree how to become an attentive listener like her. Her deep wisdom guided me with profound unconditional love and I realized she was simply helping me remember who I was. We became One.


              She is alive and well, and we are excited to share her insights with you here. She is a beacon of hope for thousands of other people. I know you will enjoy her sweet Presence, but please know that she thrives on answering questions and hearing what YOU have to say, too.


             We hope you will submit your questions and comments for Grandmother Tree and be watching often for her responses!

Welcome back, Grandmother Tree!



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