Heart-Centered Healing Arts


Pathways Dedicated to Higher Self Awareness


We touch hearts every day.

Our processes integrate body, mind, emotions, and spirit, reconnecting you to your Soul's Purpose.

Our work is dedicated to various Healing Arts and modalities which align Ego with Essence

or in other words, the  merging of the 'personality' with the Higher Self.



Transformations take place only when LOVE is understood and received from within.

It is really quite simple.

When we learn to observe and accept ourselves without judgment, we become the Witness to our Miraculous Life.



       All services in the Healing Arts at Insight Out are offered in the Spiritual Energy of Love which has no judgment, no opinions, no conditions, and no expectations. Each client, student, participant, and friend is encouraged to understand the power of personal choice. One is Empowered when LOVE is shared with self and others. Healing means Wholeness. Whole. No separation. No parts missing. Centered. Balanced. One. Complete, but never ending, in harmony with body, mind, and spirit.....which are centered in The Heart.


      Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts is dedicated to touching hearts and empowering lives by bringing Spirit into Matter. With Divine Guidance, Love, and Eternal Wisdom, we explore various pathways to enlightened living. We offer our gifts of service through openness, listening without judgment, and years of empathic and intuitive experience. Our Spiritual Energy-Psychology Processes are designed to inspire, encourage, and uplift you.... helping you to REMEMBER Who You Truly Are!


      What will it cost?


      Actually, true healing is priceless, but even healers must eat and support themselves with integrity! Your Life Investment for our services is priced in a mindful way as a specific energy exchange. Our intention is to allow universal energy to flow equally between client, student, healer, teacher, and spirit. We never turn anyone away who truly cannot afford to pay, however there is always some kind of mutual exchange made.


     Private sessions by appointment. Contact Linda

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Insight Out ~ Soul Purpose, LLC

Pathways Dedicated to Higher Self Awareness