Intuitive Journaling



Do your incessant thoughts keep returning over and over?

Does your mind constantly go 'round and 'round?


Returning: art work by jen rosenthal ©2008

       Journaling is a creative and therapeutic form of self expression; a simple yet powerful tool to help us on the path to good health and well being.


       Intuitive Journaling is a personal form of "writing meditation" that gives our distracted minds a chance to quiet down, enabling us to listen to the eternal truths of our Soul.


       This kind of free flow writing breaks through the blocks of our judgmental ego, permitting our intuitive thoughts and visions to surface more clearly.


     It is a writing process that allows the subconscious mind to come forward, bringing into our awareness a deeper understanding of the insights and unconditional love that exist within our hearts and the inner wisdom that will safely guide us through our lives.


      By detaching from our left brain "thinking mind", we activate our right brain imagination!  Intuitive journaling leads us to access, know, and trust our own creative, intuitive voice.


       Intuitive journaling teaches us about our own beliefs, reveals our deepest emotions, and shows us how we truly relate to ourselves, others, and the world around us.


      It ultimately connects us with our Soul Self, leading us to understand the meaning and higher purpose of our lives.



The IntuitiVision Workshop™


 Accessing Your Spiritual Wisdom through the Process of Intuitive Journaling

created by Linda Linker Rosenthal



Find out how you think your thoughts.


Learn to Follow your Intuition.


Awaken the Wise Spiritual Being that you are.



No previous writing experience is necessary.

Outrageous Courage, Honesty, and Playfulness is required!


The IntuitiVision Workshop™ is an experiential course

facilitated in approx. four 2+ hour sessions.


Playbook included. $111

Dates: TBA


Contact Linda for more details.










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