Karuna Reiki Level l and Level ll

Karuna Reiki®


Insight Out Reiki Training Center also offers attunements in Karuna Reiki® to current Usui Reiki Master or Master Teacher Practitioners.


Karuna Reiki® is a healing energy that can help us experience a level of Divine consciousness where we can access our limitless potential for compassion, creative inspiration, and our soul's wisdom.


          In Level l you will learn how to:


Safely move out of your habitual comfort zone


Release cellular memory from issues relating to past abuse or trauma.


Minimize or eliminate physical, mental or emotional discomfort.


Clear unhealthy habits, and realign new energy patterns


Identify and embrace our shadow selves (those parts of the personality that we deny, hide, or ignore)


Share compassion and acceptance for all aspects of ourselves.


End self sabotage


Heal co-dependency


Be inspired to actively live from our compassionate feelings, bringing more joy to the world.


Contact and connect with spiritual Masters.


Align with Oneness


Heal heart issues, both physically and emotionally.


Heal addictions.


Focus energy and ground back into the body


 In Level ll you will learn how to:


Communicate with our Higher Divine Self


Increase clairvoyance


Clear chakra pathways in order to manifest goals, dreams, and higher visions


Energize our personal Divine Power


Be an instrument of healing for earth and nature


Let go of worries and fears


Establish inner peace



Although it is not mandatory, we do recommend that all interested students schedule at least one full Reiki session prior to taking any Usui or Karuna Reiki® Level I class. It is important to establish a rapport with your Reiki Teacher who will act as your Sensei throughout all of your courses with the Insight Out Reiki Training Center. Linda will be available to consistently assist you with your personal and spiritual growth into the gentle and powerful realm of the Reiki Energy. With Pure Divine Love, Linda has accepted her responsibility as a dynamic teacher to serve her life purpose through this beautiful ancient healing art.


Karuna Reiki® Level l & ll Class - January 24-25, 2015     10:30 AM – 6:30 PM


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$295. (includes both levels 1 & 2)


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