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Life has a way of challenging us at times and shaking the very core of our belief system when we least expect it. When the foundation slips out from under us, we can only cope at the level of our current awareness. Most of us were neither taught nor supported in any healthy ways about how to deal with stress and adversity when it arises. Sometimes our ‘brick’ may hit us all of a sudden, or it may gradually build over the years, ultimately causing life threatening illness and dis-ease.


We humans are very clever, indeed. We create all sorts of ways to cope with our discomfort. We devise the rationale to ignore, avoid, or toss aside that 'brick'. We either spin out of control, indulge in our important busy-ness, or withdraw, sink into depression, blame others, feel victimized, or find an escape valve by expressing various outrageous behaviors like over-medicating, drinking, or drugging ourselves. That can lead us to become either numb or highly emotional, or both. Whew! These learned 'coping skills’ leave us feeling out of sorts, unbalanced, and often disconnected from life. Our dysfunctional ways of dealing with life’s challenges ultimately cuts us off from feeling connected to our soul’s wisdom and purpose for our life.



















     (Been there, done that. It left me up against the wall...)



             My personal healing journey began around twenty-five years ago when my sister–in-law died, leaving two young daughters behind. I cared for my two little nieces as if they were my own daughters. At the same time, I had three young children of my own and I was trying to help my husband through debilitating back pain and depression. Over the years, his pain ultimately led to a life altering addiction to 'prescription' pain medications. Chemical dependency and heart failure finally released him from his suffering in this physical realm and he made his transition in 2004.


            I simply did not understand the deep processes of true healing during those early years of frustration, change and challenge, so in my confusion I found myself spending many years questioning everything about life, purpose, death, God, addiction, disease, relationship, and the mystery of it all. There were many lessons for me to learn and I was fortunate to find books, teachers, and wonderful therapists who helped me understand my own controlling, enabling, insecure, and co-dependent behavior. Ouch.


             I needed to reconnect with my own personal power. I needed to remember Who I was! That journey led me to finally meet my Reiki Master in 1995 and my life transformation was on its way. There was no turning back.


            During those early years of self discovery, my journals became my best 'listeners'. It was through both the simplicity and complexity of my inner inquiry and ceaseless questions that I began to know what Forgiveness and Truth truly meant...and so much more.


           Through dream work, Reiki, RoHun therapy, meditation, and the writing process of Intuitive Journaling, I began to observe my own mind and eventually learned how to perceive its workings with a compassionate, non-attached understanding. After many years of writing, I gained profound insights into the way we create our realities...and what a relief to finally know that there really was a way that I could get out of my incessantly thinking mind!


           Now I teach others what I do myself, which is to be ‘out of my mind’  and 'into my heart' as often as possible … and that feels perfectly wonderful!


           In 1995, the name of my business was created when I could no longer keep these life altering insights inside my journals, but I had to let my 'insight out'. Insight Out began as I shared with others what I learned through original workshops and classes that I taught throughout the country.


           I am dedicated and devoted to being PRESENT and open to all of my clients, students, and Circle participants. My intention is to always share my Light and experiences with honesty and non-judgment. My prayer is that my work continues to be heart-centered and guided with humility and spiritual insight with every thought, word, and action regarding Insight Out and the services offered to empower each individual.







Let's Spread Our Wings and Fly!


             Together, all of us can continue the dream... to create a new consciousness of inner and outer planetary peace, joy, and wisdom… to embrace an enlightened way of living that benefits everyone.


           Healing is possible for all who are ready.  It's time for each of us to lovingly acknowledge our own greatest potentials ... to take responsibility for our choices, and to let our most inspiring insights out!


           I AM Loving Life AS Light in Love, and I love you,





Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal & Insight Out's History


Insight #1 - "It's all about YOU...AND it's not about you, at all."


           Surrounded by the energies of Divine Love and her desire to create Conscious Community, Dr. Linda Rosenthal has been compassionately guiding others toward Higher Self Awareness since 1995 when she founded Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts in Northwest Indiana, USA.


     It was through the innovative ‘oasis for the senses’ Insight Out store in Highland, Indiana in 2000, that many people found the benefits of specific gifts, products and services for creating sacred space for  home, body, mind and spirit. Thousands of people 'awakened' for the first time upon entering the doors of this unique retail store and healing center. The concept of Visionary Healing Arts has transformed over the years from a home based private practice into the store front retail, education, and healing center, into the current newly evolving Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts & Reiki Training Center. The store closed in March 2003, so Linda could move into the next stage of her evolution.


     Dr. Rosenthal has received the highest honors of initiation as a 33rd Degree Spiritual Adept from The Holy Order of the Dove - Delphi University, with doctorates in Transpersonal Psychology and Metaphysical Healing. Her clients and students call Linda a 'Heart Healer ~ Joy Specialist' who raises consciousness with unconditional love.


     Connecting chakras, people, ideas, and communities, Linda's pioneering spirit founded the Midwest Reiki Convergence and facilitated the gathering from 2007 - 2011. She is one of the Mentoring stewards of Good of the Whole, and is also on the leadership team of the annual Co-Creators Convergence - a unique Spiritual Advance Experience for people to gather, envision, co-create, and activate humanity's highest potential. Please see our Creating Conscious Community page for more ways to connect.


     Linda is an award winning author, a featured speaker at conferences and summits, ceremonial leader, facilitator of women's wisdom circles, and offers her healing services and transformational classes full time in Schererville, Indiana. She also travels to teach and does healing sessions by phone.


     You can find her original CD's, books, and other tools for Awakening at our store.

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     Ignite Your Light!  ~ Healing comes from the inside out at Insight Out.








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