Past Life/ Soul Regression

          When we travel into the psyche, the soul of our past lives, we can recognize patterns that were created in consciousness from another time and place. These deep 'patterns' are repeated in our current lifetime until we recognize the source and reasons why we are re-creating the same 'experiences' over and over again.

           A past life regression gives the client a chance to visit the personalities that our soul embodied in order to learn specific lessons. Through deep meditation and guided visualizations the client enters a relaxed but aware state of mind. Visions, sensations, or knowings arise from the subconscious mind. These inner visual experiences show us what situations may have caused us to isolate ourselves, resist change, or develop certain fears or undesirable habits. The regression can also show us our spiritual strengths and the virtuous characteristics of our personality that we can acknowledge, appreciate and strengthen.


          The goal of a past life regression is to have us clearly look at the current situations in our present life. Relationships are seen with new perspectives and the 'intense emotional charge' around a current disturbing life issue is released. We can consciously 'rescript' any past trauma, including the death of a previous lifetime. When we recognize that we are spiritual energy, our Eternal Nature is awakened and we can begin to consciously live with more purpose, peace of mind, joy, and a feeling of connection to all of life.


         Each private session lasts approximately 2 hours. You will be in a safe environment under the gentle guidance of Dr. Linda Rosenthal, a professionally trained therapist.


Your investment: $144

(8 x 18 = Infinite Life)



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