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Linda’s insights on Reiki:


     "Reiki is the foundation for understanding our multi-layered energy bodies. No matter what your practice of spiritual / energy / holistic healing might be, Reiki provides a beautiful starting point, or a boost in the level of work that any practitioner already uses. Reiki has been an ongoing source of incredible pleasure and powerful healing for me, personally. Positive changes in my overall health and attitudes in life keep evolving to higher levels. As a Master Teacher, I have been blessed to be an instrument of change for others. My life is one of "Mastering" the Reiki principles on a daily basis.


     Because anyone and everyone can benefit from Reiki, I love its ability to reach people through its Universality which has no judgments, conditions, expectations, or opinions when entering the human energy field. Reiki brings Wholeness, no matter what a person’s education, financial situation, career, age, gender, religion, race, nationality, or belief system might be.


     I see the power of Reiki’s transformational qualities taking place over and over again from my clients and students. It is a beautiful healing art form that is non-invasive and completely natural and safe with absolutely no adverse side effects! To me, this is a welcomed idea especially in our current over-medicated society. A renewed sense of inner peace and harmonious relations come to the Reiki recipient over time, and optimal health benefits are felt from allowing the body to return to its natural, relaxed state of balance and well being.


     Awareness of one’s thoughts becomes paramount in the healing process and great changes take place from a dedicated commitment to one’s personal responsibility in their own healing process. Reiki brings to our consciousness a greater awareness of any unconscious thoughts and emotions that can affect our physical reality. When one makes a Conscious Choice to do so, learning and then taking responsibility to live within the 3 levels of Reiki Awareness is a simple, yet profound path to enlightenment.


     Sharing Reiki with others is one of my greatest joys and I am convinced it is the gentle power Source for inner spiritual strength, optimal health and well-being, and world peace.”


What is Reiki?


         Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal or Spiritually Guided (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki) ". Reiki is the energy that permeates all things. It is the Life Force that animates the world. It is Light. It is Sound. It is Vibration. It is Energy. It is Neutral. It is Love. It is also considered a non-invasive ancient method of hands-on-healing.


How does Reiki work?


        Reiki is an energy that 'works' with us on many levels. Using certain touch points on or off the body, a gentle technique is used to channel Reiki's healing energy to the client through the practitioner's hands. Most advanced practitioners also channel the energy through their eyes, inner eyes, minds, voice, and hearts. Reiki restores balance and harmony on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki is guided by God-Consciousness and Unconditional Love and is received by the client wherever healing is needed. It can never cause harm.


Who can benefit?


       Everyone! Reiki can be used any time or place and combines nicely with other holistic practices and standard medical treatments. It does not conflict with religious beliefs nor is it necessary for the recipient to "believe" in Reiki because it is a universal form of life's energy and gives freely of itself. Reiki can be used to treat every condition. It compliments traditional medicines by increasing their effectiveness and lessening negative side effects. Patients recover more quickly from surgeries and illnesses with more positive results when Reiki is used. Healthy people benefit from Reiki, as it brings a higher awareness to one's thoughts, behaviors, and choices which can strengthen the immune system and increase an overall feeling of wellness.


How long is a treatment?


        A full body treatment with two Reiki Masters at Insight Out is administered through the client's clothing and lasts approximately one to two hours or more. This includes counseling time prior to the session so "the healing intention" can be set by the client.




What are the benefits of Reiki and what happens during a treatment?




            Reiki balances all energy systems of the body. Most often people experience deep relaxation and release of tension, which leads to freedom from body aches and pains, being particularly effective on headaches. It can also be used to heal common injuries, such as cuts or bruises, almost immediately. The recipient of Reiki generally feels pleasant and gentle physical sensations of energy being channeled into the body from the practitioner's hands, such as warmth, coolness, tingling vibrations, or wave-like pulses. Reiki cleanses the body of any congested toxins, so it is recommended to drink plenty of water after any treatment.




            After the body relaxes, the mind is given a chance to let go of any stressful thoughts or anxiety. Our everyday consciousness is then allowed to slip into a more meditative state. Once the brain waves slow down, we may be more open to experiencing resolution or receiving insight into certain life situations. As Reiki balances both hemispheres of the brain, it is easier to experience peace of mind and harmony with all life. The "Doing" (Yang) part of us embraces the "Being" (Yin) part of us, making us feel whole and at ease.




            Once we are feeling more at ease, internal doorways may open, enabling Reiki to bring about a cathartic healing by helping us to realize feelings of sadness, anger, shame, or fear as well as other emotional states like innocence, joy, and happiness, depending on whatever is needed in these areas. Reiki can dissolve negative emotional energy, allowing us to feel and experience more love, understanding, inner harmony and compassion for ourselves and others.




             When we are free of negative blocks and have entered a deeper meditative state, our own energetic vibrational rate rises, allowing us to experience more of our true divine nature and connection with the sea of Universal Life energy that permeates all things. Reiki helps us to know our Higher Self and expands our consciousness so we can access and manifest infinite spiritual qualities such as creativity, unconditional love, inner peace, harmony, wisdom and healing.






How do I choose a Reiki practitioner?



       Your Reiki Practitioner will be someone who resonates with a genuine energy to which you are drawn. It is to your benefit when you feel comfortable, trust, and have a knowing that you are in "good hands".  All Practitioners must be attuned and initiated to the channeling of Reiki Energy specifically by a Reiki Master Teacher.




     Your body and your spiritual self are in charge of the energy received and how it is used. Your own body and energy system will channel the energy where it is most needed. Reiki is not massage, so neither oils nor lotions are used, except as aromatherapy. Specific meditative music in a safe and clean environment enhances your experience. Your Reiki session will heighten your Awareness in all areas of your life. Each session is unique depending on the individual’s needs.


        *Your Reiki treatment at Insight Out may be enhanced with specific modalities for Energy Balancing and Clearing, Spiritual Counseling, Inner Peace, Awakening Soul Purpose, Chakra Openings, Reiki Toning and Chanting, Intuitively Guided Visualizations, Meditations, and Color, Crystal & Sound Healing.


Can I learn to channel Reiki energy?


        Reiki can be learned by anyone who opens themselves to it. Traditionally, Reiki is transmitted to a person through a sacred ceremony or initiation called an attunement that is designed to connect the student with the energy and abilities to channel the universal energy. An energetic 'rapport' takes place during an attunement in which the student receives the same purity of intentions and energy as the lineage of Reiki Master Teachers before them. Traditionally, all attunements are passed down from teacher to student and are performed in person by a Reiki Master Teacher. Insight Out offers classes from the schools of traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.


How do I choose a Reiki Teacher?


         Your Reiki Master Teacher should be someone who is available to you to answer questions and guide you with integrity, who does not make judgments, has opened their hearts to others through the act of service and compassion, and demonstrates the ability to live the life of a Master through dedication and personal practice. Your teacher should be an inspiration for the aspiration of higher thoughts and enlightened living. Spiritual awareness, knowledge or ‘wisdom’ is transmitted from teacher to student. If your teacher is not laughing a lot, go the other way! The aura of Joy and the radiance of Self Realization are the goals for a Master Teacher. While expressing their authentic humanity, your Master Teacher should be inspired spiritually by practicing Divine Awareness daily.


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