Revolutionary Agreements Course - Spring 2018


“Living in Peace with Yourself & Others through 12 Revolutionary Agreements”


facilitated by Dr. Linda Rosenthal - Holistic Healer, Life Transformation Mentor

12 Tuesdays, beginning March 6, 2018


Enrich your relationships in your home and the workplace. Experience inner peace during stressful times. These times call for Revolutionary Agreements!


This is a 12-week online course meeting once per week, facilitated by Dr. Linda Rosenthal, via Zoom Conferencing. The Revolutionary Agreements is an inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships and are a proven set of effective tools for stress reduction.

Listed below are the founding principles of the Agreements, arranged in the 3 pillars of Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude.




I AGREE TO: Live my mission. Speak my truth, with compassion. Look within when I react. Keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.




I AGREE TO: Listen with my heart. Respect our differences. Resolve conflicts directly. Honor our choices.




I AGREE TO: Give and receive thanks. See the best in myself and others. Look for blessings in disguise. Lighten up!
































“Revolutionary Agreements is an inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships”  -  Congressman Dennis Kucinich


“The Agreements are the best tools for stress reduction I have ever found” -  D.L., Director of Systems & Development, Fortune 100 Company


Live, virtual course via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. This interactive exploration into the agreements will bring congruence to your life and help you create a deeper level of personal integrity and greater success, from the boardroom to the bedroom. This course is inspired and guided by the book Revolutionary Agreements (second edition).

















$333 – Class meets virtually with facilitator, Linda Rosenthal, for 12 weeks – Tuesdays, March 6 - May 22, 2018  7:00-8:30 pm CT  (5:00 pm Pacific; 8 pm EST)






“Your reward will be well worth the time and effort invested.” - Bob Proctor, master teacher in The Secret, and author, You Were Born Rich


Revolutionary Agreements Course - Spring 2018


“Living in Peace with Yourself & Others through 12 Revolutionary Agreements”


New Class starts Tuesday, March 6, 2018   7:00 – 8:30 pm. Central (5:00 pm. Pacific, 6:00 pm. MT, 8:00 pm. Eastern)


Class overview is Tuesday, February 27 (1 hour) 7-8 pm. Central

Class Tuition -  $333 for 12 sessions


Registration & payment is due by February 20, 2018.


Prior to class, students must have the book, Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth (2nd edition), by Marian Head (Purchase through Amazon)


Class is held over a 12-week period virtually, via Zoom every Tuesday 7:00 - 8:30 pm Central. If you do not have a Zoom account, it is easy to sign up for FREE, at Each week you will receive an email with topics, assignments, and sign-in information with our specific Zoom ID number. Although it is possible to join a Zoom conference by phone, this course is designed for face to face interaction! Make sure your device’s camera is working prior to class. (phone, computer, tablet)


March: The Pillar of Truth- 4 Tuesdays / 4 Agreements


April: The Pillar of Acceptance – 4 Tuesdays / 4 Agreements


May: The Pillar of Gratitude – 4 Tuesdays / 4 Agreements


June, July, August, September, October, November, December and beyond – You will enjoy Living in deep, true PEACE with yourself and others. That’s my promise to all students of this course!


For further information about the Revolutionary Agreements click on the video below, featuring my coach, friend, and mentor, Marian Head, Revolutionary Agreements author.





















“The agreements are incredibly valuable!”


“I have no words to describe how much I have gotten from this class!”


“What I have learned and continue to learn is how conscious we must stay to be our best selves.”


“It seemed so simple after reading the book for the first time. These simple agreements go so deep, it is at times hard to dig them out. When I think I’ve done all the work I need to do, we look at it from another angle...”


“Although I may fall short at times practicing all of the agreements, they all resonate with me. If I want to live a life of developing stronger relationships, it is up to me to ‘walk the walk.’”


“As many leadership workshops and classes as I have taken, I find this to be one that is foundationally important as a leader.”


“Loved the class, love the book and hope to share it with many in the future.”