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LEARN REIKI - the fastest growing complementary/alternative health practice around the world.


 Reiki is one of the best holistic practices available today! It is one of the most effective alternative and complimentary practices for optimal health and well-being.


Reiki is the best PREVENTIVE CARE 'MEDICINE' you can easily learn for yourself.


Balance your life physically, mentally, and emotionally with Reiki.


Reiki will awaken you to your spiritual connections.


Reiki will bring inner peace and harmony to all of your cells.


Reiki is the 'secret art of happiness'!


Learn Reiki and become a healing pracitioner for yourself and others.


Use Reiki as your program for PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE!



We suggest that potential students receive at least one personal Reiki healing session before taking a class so students can become more familiar with Reiki and how it 'works' with their own body, mind, and spirit. Contact Insight Out to schedule your appointment.






                             Enhanced Reiki Level l Training




         This training goes beyond traditional Usui Level I classes, so we have expanded it to a two day retreat (actually, it's an ADVANCE....why would we want to retreat in our spiritual studies?) The experiential class is enhanced by the in-depth study that your teachers have prepared for you and meets Saturday and Sunday during the day. Your lifetime investment and class fee of $234 covers the Reiki attunement initiation ceremony as well as your training manual and light home cooked meals. A $50 deposit is required to hold your space in class. Insight Out's classes require a minimum of 3 students, and a maximum of only 6. This keeps the classes intimate and small to assure enough personal attention and sharing as necessary over the weekend course.


       Reiki will open doors to your highest potential. This first step of how to work with Universal Life energy will intensify the understanding your personal healing and spiritual awareness.


        You will learn the 5 spiritual precepts of Reiki as taught by Sensei Mikao Usui. These principles are the keys for living a Reiki lifestyle with improved health, meaningful relationships, and empowered self confidence on a daily basis.


        You will understand the history of Reiki and learn your personal Reiki lineage.


         An overview of the Chakra system is included. You will learn how to use your intuitive senses to see, feel, and sense energy.


        You will learn how to 'direct' this Universal energy to bring wholeness (healing) to your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.


        Reiki Chanting, Sound Healing, and guided meditations are also part of the curriculum.


       This class is called 'Enhanced Reiki Level l' because you will be attuned to the first sacred symbol of Usui Reiki which empowers the Reiki energy within you, as well as receive an introduction to Karuna Reiki®. Usually this empowerment symbol is taught in the Second Degree class, but this has been the most beneficial way to begin the Reiki Path for Insight Out students.


      You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner.

      Be prepared for positive changes and new perspectives on your life!


    Enhanced Reiki Level l  ~  March 17-18, 2018  10:30 AM– 6:30 PM ($234.00)



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                                   Reiki Level II Spiritual Retreat Weekend



    Level II is a quantum leap in Reiki consciousness and works on the mental and emotional levels of one's personality.


    Second Degree Reiki empowers the Reiki practitioner. Level ll allows the student to use specific tools which bring a deeper understanding to past issues and faulty belief systems that may need releasing, forgiving, or reevaluation.


    Learn the importance of using Reiki to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain so the student can use the 'whole brain' in all decision making.


    This level teaches the student how to use Reiki from a distance, and how to connect with a larger arena of relationships. Our planet is in great need of receiving the energies of peace from as many people as possible. Reiki energetically connects all practitioners around the world and increases the intentions sent for healing on all levels.


    Reiki Level ll attunes the student to the Spiritual Realms, where Reiki guides, angels, totems, spiritual helpers and Ascended Masters are available to assist in everyday life. This class connects the student to the Source of Higher Consciousness.


    You will participate in a beautiful subconscious healing process. This technique is only taught in Reiki Level ll.


    You will connect with your Higher Self through meditations and practice of Reiki during class.


    The course includes an in-depth review of Reiki Level l and takes place on Saturday and Sunday.

    You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course as a Second Degree Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner.

    It's called an Advance (not a Retreat) weekend because so much is covered during the two full days of instruction, personal healing, practice and attunements. The class fee is $295.  A $50 deposit will hold your space in class.


  Reiki Level 2  May 19 - 20, 2018 10:30 AM– 7:00 PM ($295.00)


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                                      Advanced Usui Reiki Training - Entering the Master / Mystery Level






       This training requires two days of instruction, information, and inspiration, allowing the student of Reiki to move into even more refined vibrations and understanding of Reiki energy. The Shinpiden 'Mystery' level brings the student into their own Mastery in the art of Living on Purpose with Purpose.


       A detailed Questionnaire is given to all potential Reiki Master students prior to taking the class to help the practitioner track their own progress and understanding of the transformative nature of Reiki. This establishes one's readiness to move into this level of mastery and mystery.


      Reiki Master/ Shinpiden Level -  please inquire about answering the Master Questionnaire at least 1 month prior to class.

The investment in this training is $333 which includes manual, attunments and certificate as a Reiki Master.

Reiki classes at Insight Out have a mimimum of 3 and maximum of 6 students per class.


 Dates TBA    Reiki Master Class



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                                       Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship




        This program is offered to those who have shown great interest and who have been diligently working with the Reiki energy for a dedicated amount of time. The course covers approximately a years worth of class time including observations of attunements for Insight Out's Reiki Level I, Level II and Master Level classes. By the time Insight Out's teachers are attuned to this level, they are proficient in their new role of responsibility as 'Teacher'



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