Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal

 Founder & CEO

(Creative Enthusiasm Officer)



Welcome to Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts & Reiki Training Center. We have been Northwest Indiana's premiere center for Positive Transformation and Conscious Living since 1995. We're happy you are here. You have Awakened to the Light of  Evolutionary Awareness!




             Our Purpose is to share and teach insights, information, and inspiration which can bring lasting inner peace, harmony, overall well-being, optimal health, and spiritual wholeness to all who are ready. We do this through private healing sessions, transformational classes, gatherings, and events.


             Our Intention is to raise awareness of our collective responsibility as stewards of a healthy Humanity on Earth, to co-create a culture of loving-kindness and to build Conscious Communities of Higher Self Awareness, one person at a time...one circle at a time.


             Our Vision is for YOU to manifest healthy, aware CHOICES which will enable you to live everyday with Love, Spiritual Wisdom, Confidence, Compassion, Self-Respect, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy on Mother Earth.



You are encouraged to participate in a variety of self empowering, personal healing experiences at Insight Out in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We focus on ways to strengthen our individual and collective Light, through Reiki, energy medicine, sound healing, movement, drumming, heart-centered therapies, sacred ceremonies, and simply celebrating Life with one another on Mother Earth.



We will gladly escort you on your path to freedom, wholeness, health, and happiness.


Come to be renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, re-energized and revitalized!


















Ignite your Light and let YOUR most inspiring insights out!


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Insight Out ~ Soul Purpose, LLC

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