1. Hokuei Focus 6:28


        2. Eieiki Harmony 5:52


        3. Hoahzayhonay Peace 4:52


        4. Aikoyo The Mystery 5:52


        5. Connecting 5:06


        6. 'Attunion' in Oneness 3:58



        Highly recommended for Reiki Teachers! You and your students will experience Reiki's powerful energy through the sound and vibration of Reiki Kotodama.

Reiki Rhythms can be used as a private meditation, a background for walking/Yoga/excercise or other activity, and during massage or healing sessions.

Listening to specific rhythms can quiet your mind and move you away from compulsive thinking!


'Attunnion' is recommended for use during Reiki Attunements.


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Plus 3 NEW tracks!


     7. Starseeds 3:44


     8. Origins of Chant 4:48


     9. Reikiprayer 9:08

Listen to a 60 second

Clip of Hoahzayhonay

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"The Essence of Healing"

is Now Available as a Meditation CD

read by the author, Linda Rosenthal




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You can also purchase "The Essence Of Healing" as a CD


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"The Seven Chakra Sisters ~

Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Loving, and Wise"


by Linda Linker Rosenthal


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Remember, your Inner Allies are always All-Wise!


"The Seven Chakra Sisters" is an award winning teaching fable that puts a brand new spin on the chakras! Using the ancient art of storytelling, Dr. Linda Rosenthal takes the reader on a metaphysical and metaphorical journey  through an enchanted crystal castle (the human body) to understand the principles of energy healing.  Rosenthal paints a wonderfully vivid portrait of the personalities and relationships of these seven chakral siblings.


Through an imaginary tale that is fun, accessible, and slightly zany, this book is for everyone who seeks to know themselves, as well as for beginners and experienced practitioners of the healing arts.  It teaches how the Spell of Forgetfulness can cause disease, and shows how the transformative power of forgiveness and unconditional love brings us back into balance and optimal wellness. When our seven chakra sisters are aligned and working in harmony together as a cooperative team, we feel healthy, happy, loving, and spiritually enlightened. "The Seven Chakra Sisters" cleverly illustrates how we can and must perceive ourselves as One.


ISBN 13:978-1-57174-692-4


Hampton Roads Publishing ~ Red Wheel Weiser  June 2013


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"The Essence of Healing"


A book about Reiki like no other...


THE ESSENCE OF HEALING: In Celebration Of Reiki, Book One


       Words by Linda Rosenthal - Photographs by Michele M. Preste


        "In Celebration of Reiki - Book One: The Essence of Healing" is beautifully designed and unlike any other Reiki book on the market today. The free-form prose of Reiki Master Teacher, Linda Rosenthal, coupled with Michele Preste's photographs of actual Reiki sessions evoke the feelings one might experience when they give and/or receive Reiki. As a meditative experience, this book takes the reader on an intimate journey of the Self.


    "The Essence of Healing" is a wonderful gift for anyone, whether they are new to Reiki or have experienced Reiki many times.


ISBN: 0979898307

ISBN13: 9780979898303


Publisher ~ Sacred Arts Publishing December 2007


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a meditative reading of the book by author Linda Rosenthal.


An imaginary tale about the Birth of Consciousness!


by Linda Rosenthal




   by Linda Rosenthal  ~ Illustrated by Michele M. Preste



        "Once Upon the Beginning - a Complete and Continuing Soul Story" is a mystical tale about the journey of a Soul. The words used throughout the story were inspired by Sacred Circles, and therefore were specifically channeled as words that contain the 'o' vowel. The book is dedicated to each person connecting with one another in love, harmony, and joy.


        The journey begins before time was created and takes the reader through the birth of vibrations, sound, consciousness, new worlds, and the phenomenal creation of people. Along the way, the ego-personality causes separation from the Source and must reconnect with the memory of the soul's original promise. Images of Sacred Geometry illustrate the story and an explanation of each of the images is included in the Afterword. In addition, a word meditation is provided that focuses on the messages of particular words included in the story.


        ISBN: 0979898315

        ISBN13: 9780979898310

        UPC/EAN: 9780979898310

        Suggested Retail: $20.95

        Publisher ~ Sacred Arts Publishing June 2008




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Chakra Studies Course


Living in Peace with Yourself & Others

through 12 Revolutionary Agreements


Book Plus Essence of Healing CD



Special Gift Set $33 - plus Shipping

The final track of 'Reiki Rhythms' called 'Reikiprayer' is our gift to you. You can download it free by clicking the link below.


Click Here

Reikiprayer Listen



    When 'Reikiprayer' was created, I was given a vision that the vibrations of this ancient channeling

would be especially healing for all of our indigenous ancestors and Mother Earth.


I saw an endless connection of people standing at the shorelines of every body of water around the world,

chanting and drumming with the intention of all people being healed while honoring one another and Mother Nature.


Whether She moves to evolve our consciousness

through experiences of floods, droughts, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, or climate change ~

or by gifting us with Her magnificent forests, miraculous soil, precious waters, and spectacular sunsets...

we can assist and attune with the power of Nature by respecting Her endless Creative Force.


















Humanity's consciousness is rapidly evolving to its highest expression of cooperation, peace and love.

Through this chant the listener is surrounded with the transformational energy of the Kotodama,

the science of sacred sound as it relates to the four Reiki healing frequencies.


If you are not familiar with Reiki, these four particular sounds are specific for:


1. Focusing Universal energy (calls forth ALL healing potential)

2. Balancing the mental and emotional bodies (aligns and brings harmony to our thoughts and feelings)

3. Transcending time, space, and limiting thoughts to promote peace (moves healing energy and intentions from the past, to the present, and into the future simultaneously)

4. Mastering the ego (allows individuals and the whole of humanity to realize their Oneness AS Spiritual Essence)


I hope you will close your eyes and listen to the 9 minutes of 'Reikiprayer' with your own sacred way of meditating, praying

and going within to connect with God, your Spiritual Self, Divine Essence, Great Spirit, and/or  whatever you may call

the Evolution of Higher Consciousness that we are experiencing on Planet Mother Earth at this time.


Headphones are recommended.


As you consciously breathe with the rhythm of this chant, please send your awareness

toward any person(s), place(s), personal or global situation(s) and FEEL it being brought into wholeness, balance, and peace.

Thank you for adding your own healing vibrations to the intentions of this chant.


The intention is not to change or resist what is...but rather, to move into Harmony with Life as it unfolds.


May this 'Reikiprayer' chant bring peace to you and the world.

Together we are ONE.


One Mind. One Heart. One Planet. One Source. One Love.