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Here are links to some of my favorite co-hearts in the areas of healthy and sustainable living, environmental integrity, earth based indigenous wisdom, co-creativity, Oneness, and conscious evolution. I hope you will also be inspired by the work of these sacred activists, individuals and organizations who are making a positive difference in the world.


GOOD of the WHOLE                               


7 Days of Rest                                         


Agreements Institute                               




Friends of the Earth                                 


Foundation for Conscious Evolution     


The Pachamama Alliance                         


The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers          


Humanity‚Äôs Team                                       


Institute of Noetic Sciences                    




Eco Watch                                                  


The Food Revolution                               


Organic Consumers Association            


Co-Creators Convergence                          and


The Spirited Woman                                 


The Evolution Revolution                       


Earth Guardians                                       




Environmental Working Group                


A gift to our beloved community:






The final track of 'Reiki Rhythms' called 'Reikiprayer' is our gift to you, beloved community.

You can download it for free by clicking the link below.


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Reikiprayer    9:08

Chanting Sacred Sounds of the Reiki Kotodama





          When 'Reikiprayer' was created, I was given a vision that the vibrations of this ancient channeling

would be especially healing for all of our indigenous ancestors and Mother Earth.


           I saw an endless connection of people standing at the shorelines of every body of water around the world,

chanting and drumming with the intention of all people being healed while honoring one another and Mother Nature.


           Whether She moves to evolve our consciousness through experiences of floods, droughts, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes,

or climate change ~ or by gifting us with Her magnificent forests, miraculous soil, precious waters, and spectacular sunsets...

we can assist and attune with the power of Nature by respecting Her endless Creative Force.






























Humanity's consciousness is rapidly evolving to its highest expression of cooperation, peace and love.

Through this chant the listener is surrounded with the transformational energy of the Kotodama,

the science of sacred sound as it relates to the four Reiki healing frequencies.


If you are not familiar with Reiki, these four particular sounds are specific for:


1. Focusing Universal energy (calls forth ALL healing potential)

2. Balancing the mental and emotional bodies (aligns and brings harmony to our thoughts and feelings)

3. Transcending time, space, and limiting thoughts to promote peace (moves healing energy and intentions from the past, to the present, and into the future simultaneously)

4. Mastering the ego (allows individuals and the whole of humanity to realize their Oneness AS Spiritual Essence)


I hope you will close your eyes and listen to the 9 minutes of 'Reikiprayer' with your own sacred way of meditating, praying

and going within to connect with God, your Spiritual Self, Divine Essence, Great Spirit, and/or  whatever you may call

the Evolution of Higher Consciousness that we are experiencing on Planet Mother Earth at this time.


Headphones are recommended.


The Prayer:

As you consciously breathe with the rhythm of this chant, please send your awareness

toward any person(s), place(s), personal or global situation(s) and FEEL it being brought into wholeness, balance, and peace.

Thank you for adding your own healing vibrations to the intentions of this chant.


The intention is not to change or resist what is...but rather, to move into Harmony with Life as it unfolds.


May this 'Reikiprayer' chant bring peace to you and the world.

Together we are ONE.


One Mind. One Heart. One Planet. One Source. One Love.

























Linda's testimonial from the Co-Creators Convergence


















Link to other testimonials from Co-Creators Convergence website:!video-reel/c1cmr





















        Reiki is way that I embody the energy of healing and peace. I am honored to be offering 7 Reiki Meditations during the 7 Days of Rest global event.


Conscious individuals and communities around the world realize the need for collective intentions for the Healing and Recalibration of our planet and all her inhabitants.


Please enjoy the beautiful free blessings and inspirations from global visionaries each day.

To listen to my Reiki meditations, please check the 7 Days of Rest calendar every day from January 1-7.


Invite your friends to also experience the Global Heart Resonance "Call to Wholeness" from Good of the Whole and Loving Waters during the 7 Days of Rest!






























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