Community Reiki Healing Sanctuary



The Community Reiki Healing Sanctuary is co-sponsored locally by

Insight Out  and Unity of Northwest Indiana in Hammond, Indiana



All Are Welcome



          Insight Out has been hosting Community Reiki Healing Sanctuaries in the larger sanctuary space at Unity for over ten years. We have been blessed with this open sacred space for more healers and visitors to receive Reiki.


          These extraordinary gatherings are a way for dedicated Practitioners to offer their heartfelt services to those in the community who

are seeking stress relief, relaxation, spiritual renewal, and energy balancing. (More benefits may be experienced.)


        All Reiki Practitioners in the Chicagoland - NW Indiana area and beyond are invited to join in this beautiful evening of Healing into Wholeness. All lineages and Reiki schools of training are welcomed. Gratitude goes to all the healers who generously donate their time and service to share Reiki with others...that's what it's all about!


           Reiki is an all-inclusive healing art. It is Universal in its scope yet works with everyone in a uniquely individual way. Reiki can bring NO HARM because it is guided by Loving Universal Consciousness. It is not affiliated with any religion or dogma. It will compliment any religious belief you may or may not have at the time of receiving Reiki.


Reiki will re-establish Balance, Harmony and Unconditional Love within you.

Reiki will reconnect you with your Spiritual Essence.

Reiki brings Healing and Well-Being on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.





Community Reiki Healing Sanctuary dates and locations:





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